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Appleton Woodworking appreciates the opportunities it has to work with local contractors and would like to expand its agreements. Please telephone (978) 462-2444 or email to discuss a future project.

Appleton works in conjuction with contractors to provide the highest quality services to our customers. With two fully equipped trucks, Appleton also has the ability to install any project they design and manufacture but can also provide templated countertops for contractors to pick up and install.

For those projects that you need FlextrimŽ moldings, please don't forget to review our Architectural Millwork page for details.

Appleton has extensive knowledge of field conditions and provides for any possible difficulties that may arise during a restoration or remodeling project. We understand that dimensions may change and Appleton has a reputation for working closely with contractors to avoid problems and their resulting costs before they occur.

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This site being used for reference and historical purposes only for Stephen Szabo, who sold this business in 2002.